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"Say" is the first single LaGracia released from their Debut EP. They worked incredibly hard on the arrangement for this piece with several versions being written until they got it just right. It explores the idea of being repeatedly let down. The energetic beat, catchy chorus and soaring guitar, brass and strings lift you up demanding you to get up and dance.


Can't Ever Know

"Can't Ever Know" explores the struggle of being misunderstood. Digging deep into their musical soul, LaGracia has produced powerful lyrics and harmonious melodies fused with a nostalgiac 90's RnB vibe. The song peaks and soars with a striking outro of layered accapella vocals which will leave you singing along and wanting more.


Don't You Ever Leave

LaGracia's debut single "Don't You Ever Leave" is a love song and a tribute to the classic soul sound which McCarthy grew up listening to. The song was highly influenced by the Motown era and Otis Redding, in particular whose passionate vocals have left their mark on Gráinne. Bringing in some of Discovery Gospel Choir's finest singers elevated this song to the next level where we cannot help to sing along. These smooth sounds are guaranteed to catapult you back in time.

DYEL Artwork.jpg

No One's Fool EP

A collection of 4 songs which sounds like a break up anthem !
It includes the two singles released earlier this year, "Say" and "Can't Ever Know" , and two more - "Make You Love Me" and "No One's Fool".
The EP takes you on a journey to standing up, moving on, moving forward and away from what's bad for you. Play it loud for maximum effect !

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Non Featured Work

Gráinne has featured on tracks and albums such as Danny G & The Major 7ths, Discovery Gospel Choir, Kila

Her live performances include Liam O'Maonlaí, The Waterboys, Lucia Evans , Kieran Quinn, Emma O' Reilly, Danny G & the Major 7ths.

Kevin has featured on Emma O'Reilly's EP Fractures

Gar released a self produced album G Frequency - Let's Begin

Dennis has featured on albums such as A Smyth, Danny G & the Major 7ths, SELK

Tom recorded with The Optimists

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